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News release, September 15, 2020


LaShannon Spencer, Chief Executive Officer, CHCA
501.517.0842, lspencer@chc
Seth Blomeley, Communications and Policy Director, CHCA

Amy Simmons Farber,
Director of Communications, National Association of Community Health Centers

On Wednesday, September 16, at 11:30 a.m. Community Health Center leaders from around the country will discuss the vital importance of the federal 340B drug discount program. Health centers provide life-saving medicines and services to low-income patients through the 340B program.

Yet a series of broadside attacks from manufacturers will dismantle the program and force patients to pay higher costs and reduce access to prescriptions, all at a time when health centers are serving as the front line in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Members of Congress are circulating a letter of support condemning these actions and calling on the Department of Health and Human Services to take measures immediately that will halt manufacturer sabotage and ensure the survival of the 340B program.

WHAT: Virtual Media Briefing
WHEN: September 16th, 2020, 11:30 a.m. EST
WHO: Lathran Woodard, Board Chair, National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC); Sue Veer, President & CEO, Carolina Health Centers, Inc., Greenwood, SC; Gina Moore, Patient, PrimaryOne Health, Columbus, OH; Jangus Whitner, PharmD, Clinical Pharmacist & 340B Program Manager, PrimaryOne Health, Columbus, OH; Kimberly Chen, Director of Pharmacy, North Country HealthCare, Flagstaff, AZ
WHERE: Attendees can access the press conference at the following WebEx link:

Health centers serve nearly 30 million patients nationwide, including veterans, people who have lost their jobs and health insurance in the economic decline and essential workers infected with non-acute COVID-19. The cost of medicines can easily push them further into poverty, disease, and even death.

The above news release from NACHC can also be accessed here.

Community Health Centers across Arkansas each day see the positive impact of 340B.

For example, one couple in Springdale lost health coverage after COVID-19 hit. Through the 340B program, Community Clinic in Springdale was able to obtain diabetes and blood pressure medications for $13 a month out-of-pocket cost each.

Without 340B, the couple was facing monthly prescription drug costs of more than $1,200

In Arkansas last year, thanks to 340B, more than 110,000 prescriptions were distributed at significant discounts to under-insured and uninsured patients by the 10 member health centers of the CHCA. 

About: CHCs are non-profit entities fueled by patient revenue and federal grants meant to expand health care access for low-income, minority, and rural populations. CHCs provide many services including primary care, dental, behavioral health, and health education. 

Altogether, CHCs in Arkansas serve more than 220,000 people a year at more than 140 sites.

For more information on Community Health Centers in Arkansas, please visit: and



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